Construction: ASHAWAY is the only American Tennis String Manufacture, though this particular string is manufactured in the United Kingdom. The MonoGut ZX is 100% Zyex monofilament. It has no polyester and has much higher elongation while being much less stiffness the polyester.

Advantage: MonoGut ZX has the closest dynamic stiffness to natural gut, while having the superior durability of a polyester. Note: ASHAWAY and High Strung recommend MonoGut ZX be strung no higher than 60lbs, and 10% to 15% lower tension than tradition nylon based strings.

Gauges: 16g (1.27mm)

Colors: Black or Red (limited quantity of Red)

Why we carry this string: Because MonoGut ZX, and plays more like natural gut then any polyester. In recent blind playtests conducted by both the US and European Racquet Stringers Associations (USRSA and ERSA), ASHAWAY’s MonoGut strings were found to have much reduced stiffness and improved elongation, providing more power and control, and a softer feel, than leading polyester brands. Though it is the most expensive string we carry other then Natural Gut, it is definitely a string to try.

Price of String: $18 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $30 - Includes Sales Tax


This is one of the most complete strings I have ever tested. The unlikely combination of power and control is remarkable. Serves and volleys left my racquet with thoughtless precision. Extra head speed can be added without worry. From: Male baseline player (USRSA)

Great feel on touch shots. The combination of spin and power creates a very heavy ball form the baseline. Control is outstanding. I found my new string. From: Female touch player (USRSA)

Excellent spin and power. It stays playable longer than most polys I’ve tried. From: Male all court player (USRSA)


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