MSV – Focus Hex

Construction: New Generation CoPolyester string extruded in a Hexagonal form. Has great access to spin and more feel then other polyester based strings. Well suited to power baseline players looking to add some control to their game from a durable string

Advantage: This co-poly features solid tension maintenance and long lasting performance. While Luxilon ALU loses 17% tension overnight, the MSV Focus Hex lost a total of just 13% after 30 days and several hours of heavy play. While impressive, the most exciting advantage of this string is simply, "SPIN POTENTIAL." Playtesters describe this string in all gauges as "The absolute BEST spin string ever developed."

Gauges: 18g (1.18mm) / 17g (1.23mm) / 16g (1.27mm)

Colors: Black, White and Red
Black MSV Focus Hex plays softer and the White MSV Focus Hex plays crisper. I know it sound odd, but dark polyester stings play completely different then light colored ones, even with the same polyester formulation except the coloring!

Why we carry this string: Because we wanted to carry a co-polyester for our string breakers, that would not break the bank. Our research pointed us to this high quality string from MSV.

Price of String: $12 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $24 - Includes Sales Tax


First impressions are very good, nice bite and good touch for a poly, I strung it up as a hybrid with Gosen OG Sheep 16g as the cross in my K6.1 95. I have a tough match tomorrow and we'll see how it performs then. From: Christo,

I switched from Big Banger to MSV Hex last year. I'm a 4.5 and 50 years old. I play 8 hours per week. These strings are fantastic. Crisp feel, great control, and the most spin of any string I have ever used. I'm usually tempted to cut them out before they break. I upped my tension from 58 to 61, it feels crisper and no loss of power. Four other guys on my 4.5 team have switched to this string. From: David

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