Solinco - Vanquish

Construction: The Solinco Vanquish offers a good feel that provides excellent control while being arm friendly. A great choice for the player looking for good playability while offering a lively feel.

Advantage: The Solinco Vanquish is a high end multifilament made of a DuPont high modulus polyamide. Vanquish is a great string for players looking for the ultimate multifilament. This string is great for anyone who has or had tennis elbow.

Gauges: 16g (1.30mm)

Colors: Natural

Why we carry this string: Because this is an incredibly high performance multifilament tennis string. This string offers more than ample response and feel. Quite simply one of the best playing strings on the market today.

Price of String: $14 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $26 - Includes Sales Tax


The Solinco Vanquish is my favorite multifilament string I've used recently. This string has all of the qualities I'm looking for including comfort, power, and feel. My opponents have noticed a greater amount of spin and "drive" to the ball. Although the string provides more power than the Tourna Irradiated, the durability seems just as stable. -- From: David

This string is very comfort like Babolat Xcel. I strung it at 52 lbs on my Head Youtek Radical Pro. This string impressed me a lot and is very arm friendly. From: J

I prefer this over Sensation, FXP Power, Quasi-Gut & Addiction. It has great feel but doesn't get mushy. From: Hugh

Everything about it works. Despite the durability (no more than 5 hours), this is the first 16g string I can say I'm gonna stick with. Plays soft and stays that way till it breaks, all the while offering plenty of spin as well has power from the baseline. Touch with the string is incredible on drop shots and easy placement. Hats off to you SOLINCO for a very fine product. From: Luke

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