Solinco – X-Natural

Construction: A next generation high-performance and arm-friendly multifilament string utilizing a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin for bonding, TPU-Silicon compound outer coating, as well as the Diamond Rough texturing process to allow for superior performance, playability and spin generation.

Advantage: Utilizes high modulus, performance fibers to provide extra power and better tension maintenance, bound together with proprietary thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin for greater level of comfort elasticity and playability at the strings core. A unique duel coating system incorporating TPU and Silicone helps maintain its superior playability and comfort while allowing for anti-abrasive performance qualities. The Diamond Rough texturing process and construction amplifies the spin and bite intensity of the ball.

Gauges: 16g (1.30mm), High Stung Exclusive 15g (1.35mm)

Colors: Black

Why we carry this string: Because this is flat out the best multifilament that we have ever play tested. It was uniformly judged superior to other strings by those that were part of our blind string tests. This is one of our most expensive multifilament strings, but is well worth it to players who wants the best.

Price of String: $16 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $28 - Includes Sales Tax


I can’t say enough good things about this string. This is definitely a great multifilament string. It has all of the qualities that strings of this type should have including exceptional comfort, feel, and playability. However, I was also impressed with the tension maintenance and the durability for a multifilament string. Initially, the outer coating on the string helps increase string movement to provide more spin on the ball. Then, after the coating wears down, the texture of the string really takes over and grabs the ball too. As it wears, this string shows the classic fraying you typically see in high quality strings similar to natural gut, but it never lost it’s great feel or playing characteristics. It finally broke after about 12 hours of doubles play - about twice as long as I usually get from high-quality multifilaments. The longevity of the string might be enhanced by using string savers as the string wears during play. Overall, I prefer this string to the other top-rated multifilaments on the market such as Wilson NXT and Babolat Xcel.
David Conner, 4.5 NTRP

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