Tourna - Irradiated

Construction: Irradiated Technology injects energy into the multifilament molecular structure, increasing elasticity and improving shock absorption. As close to natural gut as you can get with a synthetic. USRSA 2002 playtest reports above average in durability, power, feel and resistance to movement.

Advantage: Irradiated strings benefit from the improved molecular structure achieved through the use of Irradiated Technology. Irradiated is perfect players who suffer from tennis elbow or arm soreness.

Gauges: 17g (1.25mm) / 16g (1.30mm)

Colors: Natural

Why we carry this string: Because it is an excellent value in a high performance multifilament tennis strings. This string offers more than ample response and feel. Quite simply one of the best playing lesser known strings on the market today.

Price of String: $12 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $24 - Includes Sales Tax


Tourna Irradiated is definitely one of the best and least expensive multifilament strings on the market right now. It has a gut-like feel and is easy on the arm. It also holds it's tension well and seems to last at least 5 times longer than other comparable multifilaments. However, it doesn't provide a great deal of power so you'll want to drop the tension (about 10%) to get more "bang". From: David

This is one of the better strings I have tested. I would consider using it more. It’s reasonably priced and definitely worth the money! From:Mark

Great string for the price. In my mind, Tourna Irradiated – 17 plays better than Wilson NXT - 17, and it's also cheaper. A very good bite on the ball is produced, and as a 5.0 hard-hitting player, having good topspin for ground strokes and the second serve is crucial. All in all, a great string that beats several of its higher-priced counterparts in terms of playability. From:Nathan

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