Tourna-Quasi-Gut Armor

Construction: Quasi-Gut uses a high tenacity center core with DuPont nylon center wraps. This core is then wrapped with thousands of micro fibers. The unique construction is then finishes by using blue polyester wraps in the outer layer while being impregnated with a premium thermo-elastic polyurethane resin.

Advantage: Tourna Quasi-Gut Armor uses innovative materials and construction to provide impressive comfort, feel and solid durability. The blue polyester wraps vastly improve the strings durability and delay breakage when used with stiff poly strings in hybrid setups.

Gauges: 17g (1.25mm) / 16g (1.30mm)

Colors: Crystal Clear with Blue

Why we carry this string: The tightly wound microfibers deliver a natural gut like feel and control without the high cost of gut. In a 2013 USRSA blind play test "... Quasi-Gut Armor received the 2nd highest rating for Comfort ... the only string that bettered it is Natural Gut." It placed 3rd in Touch & Feel, 9th in Playability, and 10th in Power, out of 175 strings the USRSA has tested.

Price of String: $14 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $26 - Includes Sales Tax


High marks in all areas. Very little string movement. More control than power, but not underpowered. Tension maintenance is impressive. This impressive range of above average features should satisfy a wide range of playing styles. From: 4.5 Male

This string somehow provides it all, from touch and feel to control, spin and durability. No visible signs of wear after many hours of playing. It gives me confidence on full swings because I know the spin will bring the ball down. From 5.0 Male

The feel was definitely on the soft side, while power is certainly easy to come by. From a control standpoint, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the amount of spin I could put on the ball. It’s certainly no poly, but there was still enough jump on the ball to get above my opponent’s shoulders. From: Jon

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