Tecnifibre TRIAX

Construction: 50% co-polyester (T.P.I.) / 50% polyamide. Tecnifibre offers for the first time an answer to the following constraint: how to guarantee high performance players the possibility of maintaining throughout their match a constant and deep ball length while guaranteeing a firm touch to generate spin and a very good durability. Welcome to the Triax! A higher level of playability, thanks to its Multifilament construction.

Advantage: A higher level of durability, thanks to the co-polyester material, used for the first time in a multifilament. A higher level of arm protection, thanks to the use of Polyurethane (HD) whose flexibility is set to 100%. A higher level of spin, directly related to the higher level of firmness of a multifilament.

Gauges: 17g (1.28mm) / 16g (1.33mm)

Colors: Natural

Why we carry this string: The Tecnifibre TRIAX string is the perfect balance between Spin & Control while providing Arm Protection and Extended Durability. This string is a great option for the player who has liked how polyester based strings have played, but knows the pain they can create for the players elbow and shoulders.

Price of String: $22 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $34 - Includes Sales Tax


I usually play with a full poly stringed racquet but lately I have been having elbow issues so I have to try different options. After playing a few matches with the Triax, I have to say I am very impressed, it grabs the ball very well so I can still generate good spin, it is very arm friendly and so far the durability has been very generous.
Usually on other comfortable strings the spin generation and durability goes down but it is improved on this string.
I will definitely keep using this string for as long as my elbow needs it.
From: Juan Cabanillas

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