Volkl V-Icon Natural Gut

Construction: Made with high grade natural gut fibers. V-Icon Natural Gut provides comfort, elasticity, resiliency, and maximum shock absorption. It provides a player with incomparable feel and touch, unbeatable performance and very good durability.

Advantage: Nothing compares to the qualities of natural gut strings - even in this world of advanced technology. It's the choice of top professionals striving for the ultimate performance. Natural gut is highly responsive and uniformly smooth giving the best combination of power and control.

Gauges: 16g (1.30mm)

Colors: Yellow

Why we carry this string: Because nothing plays better than Natural Gut. We have a limited supply of Volkl’s V-Icon Natural Gut. If Natural Gut is not abused (playing with wet tennis balls, left in hot or cold cars), it can outlast any other string and will retain it tension for years. If you are not a string breaker and have a backup racquet to use in wet conditions, this string can potentially last 3-4 times longer than any other synthetic based tennis string.

Price of String: $40 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $52 - Includes Sales Tax

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