Babolat RPM + VS Hybrid Package

Construction: This Babolat hybrid package offers the ultimate string combination of, RPM Blast Co-Polyester plus VS Natural Gut. This package includes 20' of RPM Blast (Black) 17g, and 20' of VS Natural Gut (Black) 16g. Maximum recommended tension on RPM Blast 17g is 62lbs. and the maximum recommended tension on VS Gut 16g is 66lbs.

Advantage: This pre-packaged string set of RPM Blast in the mains gives polyester durability with added feel from the gut crosses. Using the VS Gut in the mains gives the feel of gut with the added control of the firmer polyester.

Gauges: RPM Blast 17g (1.25mm), and VS Natural Gut 16g (1.30mm)

Colors: Black and Black

Why we carry this string: We have had more and more players asking for this string combination, so it just makes sense for us to carry it. It looks as good as it plays with the Black on Black strings. NOTE: Our price does include NC sales tax!

Price of String:$35 - includes Sales Tax

Price of String Professionally Installed: $47 - Includes Sales Tax



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